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Let's Get It Going!!!

Okay true Believers, Guild Ball has really taken off... I really want to dive into the campaign season rules and see how that goes... Seems like it is very well developed and will get us in the mind set for Blood Bowl to relaunch here in the next 9 months... I am trying to find games that mirror the US sports / Reality TV seasons for us to follow at the shop. Guild Ball for Soccer/Rugby, Blood Bowl for Football, Mordheim for Survivor, etc... These are all low miniature count games with allot...

Releasing May 24th!!!

Releasing May 24th!!! Total War: Warhammer Get your fantasy fix with this amazing game while waiting with baited breath for the June release of Game Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar "The General's Handbook" New rules will include: - Free Play (War Scrolls +) - Narrative Play (Story Driven) - Match Play (Structured Play System / Competitive Play) * See the "Heelanhammer Pod Cast for more details:

May the 14th Be With You!!!

May the 14th Be With You!!! Don't forget, tomorrow May 14 beginning at 10am, BFG Killeen will be hosting a Star Wars Theme day beginning with a Star Wars X-Wing Tournament then continuing on with demos games or Armada, Imperial Assault and the new Rebellion... Cos-players will be on site as well as all Star Wars epic movies being played... Come out for a great time!!!

BFG Killeen Office Center

BFG Killeen is now set up to print, copy, scan, fax and laminate!!! Get your gaming items and needs preserved or transferred to your digital device or moved from your device to print. Services: Copy/Print (Black & White / Color): $.10 / $.15 a page - Card Stock Available: +$.05 a page Scan (Any): $.05 a page Fax: $.10 a page Laminate: $.25 a page

Warmachine / Hordes Community!!!

Warmachine ? Hordes Community!!! I was able to get in on the premier launch kit for Junes release of Mark 3... I will have a complete run of all cards, books and any new models for the release as well as any additional fluff material. I am taking pre-orders now...

Rebuilding the RPG Section

I am rebuilding my Role Playing Game Section/Library... What all systems, books, realms, catagories (Fantasy/SciFi/Steampunk) would the community like to see brought in... Also, looking at bringing in the lions share of the reaper bones, chronoscope and metal miniature line as well as the premier miniatures (Dritzzt, Elminster and so forth)... Before I hit the commit button, I need to know what you all want as a community...

Now in Stock!!!

NOW IN STOCK!!! Star Wars X-Wing gently used fighters, large base ships and few of the big fellas. 50% off retail on all ships, upgrade cards $.92 each and tokens are $.15 ea. Warmachine - Khador (Like New) Army in a box... 50% off retail on all models in the box (Unpainted and unprimed, bare plastic). Warhammer 40K / AoS Bitz Binz!!! All armies, LOTS of bitz and near complete models. Check out the lickies and chewies for kit bashing...